With nearly ten years expertise in the entertainment & sports industry, Natalie Arias not only offers beauty & talent but insightful knowledge that will motivate. A highly dynamic and respected woman of many layers.

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I love communication. I am witty, secretly nosey, so I love asking questions preferably to share with a crowd on your TV screen. From the ball park to satisfy my love for sports to the red carpet for the obsession with Hollywood’s stars, more because of their willingness of giving it all up to get where they are, YOUR host on ALL entertainment levels.

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“I believe in you because you dream” I’ve dreamt, I’ve failed, I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s ok not to know. Most of us don’t. We all have a different pace. And we define success differently. Your journey uncovers the real you. Set yourself up for success. Sharing a few steps that will enlighten your path.

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Forget the perfect body, ALL the quick fixes and the lies fed to your eyes about these rapid “before and after’s” that are shown on social media and even TV through these “Make me thin” apps. Get the truth about your ideal eating and exercise plan to achieve permanent healthy change. Everyone is different genetically, biologically, and physically. No “one plan” works for all. I’ve made all the mistakes for you and have come a long way. I will educate you to the real long term healthy you!

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